CRB index

The world economy and the CRB index

The CRB index is the commodity price index which provides a very useful measure of the health of the world economy.

It currently is made up of 19 commodities and is quoted on a number of different exchanges. The index comprises petroleum based products which make up about 33% of the weighted index and a range of other diverse agricultural and resource commodities.

It is always useful to refer to the CRB index when trying to interpret the direction of the world economy. The monthly chart of the CRB index below shows the relationship between the index and the GFC during 2008 as well as the current trend.

Since early 2011 the CRB index has been in decline, reflecting a lowering demand for major commodities. I would expect that the economic problems in the EU will continue to depress demand for commodities with a continued fall in commodity prices. Falling… Continue reading

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