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An introduction to Incredible Charts 1

This video clip introduces the Incredible Charts software package and shows how to access the software, use the tool bars and view charts.


An Introduction to Incredible Charts 2

This video clip looks at how to work with Incredible Charts, to manipulate charts, use drawing tools and add indicators.


An introduction to Incredible Charts 3

This video clip introduces the screening module in Incredible Charts. It discusses the different facets of the screener, how to apply filters, run the screen and use watch lists.


An introduction to saving

This video is a useful introduction to saving and would be of interest to teenagers and anyone not familiar with the basic principles of saving.


An introduction to Investing in the Stock Market

This video clip provides an introduction to investing. It will be useful if you have had little previous experience with the stock market.




This PDF file provides an introduction to investing in the share market which may be useful if you have had little experience as an investor or need more background on the share market. It provides an introduction to the terminology used in investing and is a very useful introduction to the share market course. This same material is also provided as a video. If you prefer to view this material as a video, see the video file titled An introduction to Investing in the Stock Market”” on the Free Resources Page (above).

Timing-the application of RSI to finding the end of a trend.

This PDF file is an article first published in Daryl Guppy’s Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis on 22 October 2011. The relative strength index (RSI) is a leading or coincident indicator and is one of the most important indicators in technical analysis. Divergence signals provide very important signal for change of trend but the problem is that a divergence signal provides no indication of when this trend change will occur. This article provides a summary of work completed during the 1990s showing how the RSI can be applied as a method for accurately finding the end of a trend.

An Introduction to the Stock Market video course

This PDF file provides information on the Stock Market video course. It includes an overview of the course as well as coverage of the content of each of the 10 sessions. It will be of interest to persons interested in purchasing the course and for those who have purchased the course and are looking for an overview of the different sessions.

Excel Files

Trading sheet Simulation

This excel spreadsheet provides an example, where the trading plan, share purchases and sales, equity curve and statistical analysis are integrated. The data cells are locked to prevent accidental loss of formulae and formatting but there is no password protection.

Hull spreadsheet

This excel spreadsheet is useful to record data and manage a portfolio based on Alan Hull’s investment approach. See his book (Invest My Way, Wright Books 2012) for further information. The data cells are locked to prevent accidental loss of but there is no password protection.

Recommended References

Recommended References


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