An Introduction to the Stock Market – a video course

This is a comprehensive video course on investing in the share market and is offered in 10 sessions.

There is a 23 minute free video also on the Free Resources page which provides introductory material and other information which is important background knowledge for the course.


I advise that this course is no longer available from this website but is available from the Australian Shareholders Association at no cost to members and can be accessed from their website at

I have taken this approach because after a number of years teaching investment for the Australian Investors Association and Australian Shareholders Association in all mainland states, I am concerned that so few Australians understand how to invest.

By making this course available at no cost to members of the Australian Shareholders Association, the information will be available to many more investors and potential investors.

The Australian Shareholders Association is Australia’s biggest retail investor organisation with more than 5,000 members. A full year’s membership in the Australian Shareholders Association costs $120 or $140 to receive their monthly magazine by post. It includes many benefits apart from the opportunity to download this course at no cost.

All that is required to view the course is a good internet connection (suggested download speed of at least 2 Mbps).



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