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Bill Dodd is an experienced investor who believes in the need for investor education. He has presented investment courses for the Australian Investors Association in all mainland states over the past four years. More recently Bill has presented similar courses for the Australian Shareholders Association and other community groups.

Bill’s aim is to raise the level of financial literacy in the community. To achieve this he provides investment courses at cost for any interested organisation.  The Independent Investor is a not-for-profit venture and Bill’s vision is to use this website to provide information and education through well presented, low cost video courses for Australian investors. It is anticipated that similar investment education programs will be extended into high schools.

Early beginnings

Bill has had a long association with investing in the stock market. As a 15 year old he had a broker’s account and traded in ‘penny dreadful’ stocks during the heady oil exploration days of the early 1950’s. He made spectacular profits over an 18 month period only to lose it all because he did not understand risk management.

In the hands of “the professionals”

This experience persuaded Bill that investing was for “the professionals” so later in the 1970’s he and his wife invested in managed funds. A diversified portfolio of major managed funds showed no profit over a ten year period. This showed Bill that even though the investment professionals charge high fees their investment results for the clients are often very poor.

The making of the Independent Investor

This experience convinced Bill to start learning seriously about investing. This was during the late 1980’s when there was little assistance and few resources available to investors.   During this time, Bill had frequent unsatisfactory experiences and results with investment professionals including financial advisors, stock brokers and fund managers. These experiences left him with the conviction that an independent investor, who learns about the market and how to invest, has the potential to significantly outperform the professionals without having to pay high fees; this significantly reduces wealth accumulation over time.

Professional background

Bill Dodd is a retired academic. He holds a Masters degree in plant biophysics and a PhD in plant biochemistry. As a scientist he worked in universities teaching undergraduate and post graduate students. His research was in plant biotechnology where his interest was in the application of in vitro techniques to improve productivity in tropical crops. His work took him to many countries including China, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Egypt.

Bill also has business experience in service industries and in primary industry and was active as a Poll Hereford breeder for 30 years. On retirement some 17 years ago he recognized the need to learn more about investing to maintain a good life style which was now dependent on an income from investing.

Bill and his wife Helen live in South Eastern Queensland, some 90 minutes from Brisbane.


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